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After being lovingly dragged into the tumblr-verse I guess it's time to spread my love of all things awesome with the world! I'm totally random so even I can't predict what might surface on this page, but expect some Harry Potter, superhero, SYTYCD love, and all things cute or absurd to make an appearance.

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Tagged: 000 days will have passed since the last baktun ended2012BaktunF*CK ALL THE BULLSH*TNOTHAT IS AZTECand that calendar stone you keep showing as proof that the world is going to endas a mayanistexcept i really have started to hate all inacurrate references to the end of the worldits the end of a baktunmayaon principle I will bother the hell out of all of you come 2013so therefore all it means is that at the end of the baktun 144that's itthats itthis is what i feel about 2012which is 18 wenalswhich is 20 katunswhich is just one daywhich is twentywhich is twenty tunsxkcdI'm and archaeologistarchaeologyLisa's an archaeologist